Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Day 97 of 365 Minneapolis Sculpture Garden #365TC

With spring arriving the ice has broken at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and soon the Spoonbridge and Cherry will be glistening in the sun from the mist emitted from the cherry stem. An iconic … [Read more...]

Walker Art Center

Day 96 of 365 Walker Art Museum #365TC

The Walker Art Center was the first public art gallery in the upper Midwest when it was established in 1940. Today, it is housed in a larger center that opened in 2005. It's a world-class destination … [Read more...]

Nye’s Polonaise Room

Day 94 of 365 Nye's Polonaise Room #365TC

When it was announced last year that Nye's Polonaise Room would be closing their doors in August or September of 2015, there was a cry from the Twin Cities that can still be heard. Everyone I have … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Hunts in the Twin Cities

Day 92 of 365 Easter Egg Hunts in the Twin Cities #365TC

I have to think that this tradition of Easter is where the saying "Too many eggs in their basket" comes from. You, along with every other child in the world, wanted to be the one with the most eggs … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Farmer

Day 91 0f 365 the Bachelor Farmer #365TC

The Bachelor Farmer's chef Paul Berglund was just nominated for a James Beard award for Best Chef: Midwest. Known as the Oscars of the food world, the James Beard Awards cover all aspects of the … [Read more...]

Minnesota Children’s Museum

Day 90 of 365 MN Children's Museum #365TC

For over 25 years, Minnesota Children’s Museum has been providing a play experience infused with learning for over 6 million visitors. Experimentation, creative self-expression, investigation and … [Read more...]

Science Museum of Minnesota

Day 88 of 365 Science Museum of Minnesota #365TC

The Science Museum of Minnesota's 108 year history has seen many firsts in the world of science with innovative use of live theater to teach and also programs to help teachers in K-12 classrooms … [Read more...]

MN Zoo – Farm Babies

Day 87 of 365 MN Z00 - Farm Babies #365TC

The Minnesota Zoo's annual rite of spring (15 springs to be exact) is here. Welcome this year's "Farm Babies" to the zoo from April 1st to April 30th. The Wells Fargo Family Farm brings the cutest … [Read more...]