Day 256: Ice Climbing

Ice climbing under the Franklin Avenue Bridge.

When you think of fun winter activities in the Twin Cities, thought of ice climbing don’t generally come up. That’s something you can only do in the mountain cities, right.

Wrong. There are several locations in the city of St. Paul that offer ice climbing. There are five places to climb in the Lilydale Brickyard, one at Crosby Park’s Super Gully, near the corner of Shepherd Road and Homer Street, and another at Shadow Falls, near Mississippi River Boulevard and Summit Avenue. You can download PDF maps of each of these locations.

There are also often good climbing conditions under the Franklin Avenue Bridge (pictured).

Along the Mississippi River off of Mississippi River Boulevard, there are a few places you may find some icy bluffs and even a few waterfalls that could offer good climbing as well.

In order to participate in ice climbing through the park system, you are required to obtain a permit, which can be downloaded here. The permit includes a signed waiver by the participant, an annual fee of $25, and approval of Parks staff.

Try ice climbing, Twin Cities! Just another great outdoor winter activity to do in our community!

Park Permit Office
1100 North Hamline Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55108

Ph: (651) 632-5111
Fx: (651) 632-5115

Office Hours
7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

Hours of Operation
Sunrise – Sunset
Monday – Sunday

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