Goldstar Promotion: Thousands of Comp Tickets Available!

Comp Train

Goldstar is rolling out the “Comp Train”! They have a special one-day only promotion featuring tons of comp tickets on their site, for which members only have to pay service fees! It’s the perfect way to get out and try something new at a really low price. They always have comp tickets on our site, but they have special offers in the Twin Cities Market:

Rounding third Baseball Comedy Rounding Third, Starring Pat O’Brien
The Cabaret Theater at CAMP Bar (St. Paul, MN) FREE – $14.50
Friday, Apr. 26 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, Apr. 27 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, Apr. 28 @ 7:00pm

Brave New Brave New Workshop’s 55th Anniversary Best-Of Comedy Revue
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre (Minneapolis, MN) FREE – $15.00
Friday, Jul. 5 @ 8:00pm (Preview)
Saturday, Jul. 6 @ 8:00pm
Wednesday, Jul. 10 @ 7:30pm

Great Gem Great American Gem Show & Sale
Minnesota State Fairgrounds (St. Paul, MN) FREE
Friday, May. 31 @ 12:00pm
Saturday, Jun. 1 @ 10:00am
Sunday, Jun. 2 @ 11:00am

Bye Bye Live Bye Bye Liver – Spring Break Edition: New Cast Takes the Popular Show to Spring Break
The Cabaret Theater at CAMP Bar (St. Paul, MN) FREE – $14.75
Friday, Apr. 19 @ 7:00pm
Friday, Apr. 19 @ 9:30pm
Friday, Apr. 26 @ 9:30pm

Stayed Tunes Stay Tuned: World Premiere of New Musical Comedy-Drama
Yellow Tree Theatre (Osseo, MN) FREE – $8.50
Wednesday, Apr. 17 @ 7:30pm
Thursday, Apr. 18 @ 7:30pm
Wednesday, Apr. 24 @ 7:30pm

Exultate Exultate Chamber Choir and Orchestra: Alleluia From Around the World
Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, MN) FREE – $10.00
Sunday, May. 12 @ 4:00pm

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